The mind

We can say that our brain has become our worst enemy. A lack of knowledge of the basic functioning of the brain comes at a great cost in life. Most of the time, at an unconscious level, the brain identifies fears that have nothing to do with the safeguard of our body. The brain has switched its attention from physical to social (psychological) threats. It experiences numerous thoughts of social fears every day. These fears have an important negative impact on us because we are simply unaware of them. These social fears reflect our expectations in life. We expect a lot from our relationship with other people. Sometimes these expectations are met but very often, we must admit that they are not. These expectations are emotionally very demanding and taxing for the body. We end up suffering and sadly, we don’t really know why we live this discomfort. We too often decide to blame other people or external situations for our very own problems. These social fears literally shake the body. The brain always react to this agitation. This results in thoughts/emotions of insecurity, anxiety, jealousy, anger and sadness. It is possible to avoid or at least diminish this significantly and it is not so difficult. We just need a little knowledge and some practice to transform these unconscious conditionings and bring them into the light of awareness. It will result in an improved state of calmness and contentment. It will allow us to live life in a more free and open way.